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Pokemon Layers Handmade Fitted Breathable Adjustable Face Mask with Premium 100% Cotton – Pokemon, Bunny,BABY DINOSAUR

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⭐️ IMPORTANT: For sanitary reasons, due to the current situation, all mask sales are final and cannot be returned. Please launder before use.

Our 3 Layers fitted face masks handmade with premium 100% cotton materials in inspired patterns, washable and reusable. Be sure to scroll through all the pictures to see all the fabrics and the fit. If something you like is sold out, we will always make more, so check back often. 🙂

Here’s what’s special about our handmade masks:

Shaped design: These nicely shaped masks are carefully created to fit the face as closely as possible.

Adjustable ear loops: The elastic ear loops can be adjusted and re-tied to fit you, and then the knot is slid down into the sides of the mask, out of sight for a clean look.

Clean sewing environment: We keep our sewing room surfaces very clean. Our packaging materials are clean and new, not used.

Since each item is handmade, the printed patterns on the fabric will vary somewhat for each mask. Refer to the fabric swatch photos for a general idea of the fabric used. Individual mask may vary slightly.

These 100% Cotton masks are fully washable.

*IMPORTANT PLEASE NOTE * These masks do NOT provide protection against bacteria or viruses, but can serve as a protective barrier

* Remember, always remove the mask carefully, do not reach under the mask with dirty hands. Touch dirty to dirty, clean to clean & always wash your hands and face immediately after removing the mark. For better results in cleaning the masks – immediately upon removing ,spray the front & back with hydrogen peroxide or antibacterial spray to kill germs that may be on the mask, then wash in soap & hot water.

** Please wash before use as I don’t prewash to avoid potential allergies. Machine or hand wash & dry flat.

****Please Note
Our mask’s do not have a filter inside them and are not *n95s* medical grade masks , they are not evaluated by any health agency.

*****We make NO CLAIMS that these masks will protect or prevent the spread or catching any current disease , infections or illness .
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