Our mission is to be a vehicle of transformation in people everyday lives.We encounter and beyond as we embrace man and women from all walks of life. We live by a mandate of action to help men and women realize their value, purpose and destiny in God’s master plan. We also help the against battle human trafficking and the people with poverty line, bring life to the hopeless …give to those who do not have. To help, support & make an impact. We aim to bring global awareness of the needs we currently have & provide more opportunities to give.

Why do we exist?​

Our hearts breaks for the people who are lost in their destituteness. Often, things we take for grant, people are struggling and fighting for them. Poverty has been the major problems in most of the under developed countries. So we are trying to reach out to the people whose basic needs are not even fulfilled. We are trying our small afford to help out the people with their basic needs by providing baby blankets, baby food, baby clothing to providing temporary living shelters, food, safe drinking water to hygienic kits.

We bring light and hope through the word of God to those who believe they have been forgotten, trodden on, discarded and denied. Because of the lie, they have been dismantled physically and spiritually. We are speaking truth and life over them, we are helping them to restore their purpose and their strength in God.

Right now are ministering over Nepal and Romania

What difference does it make? ​

Many people’s lives have been changed. Many babies are clothed, wrapped in a snugly blanket, many mothers can feed their children, many lives have come to know salvation, many children are now smiling and widows and elderly are cared for. ​

What do We value? ​

  • Love
  • Freedom
  • Peace
  • Hope
  • Health
  • God’s Word
  • Salvation
  • Acceptance