Our mission is to bring impoverished women and children throughout the world hope, love and lasting changes through aid and education. For every items we sale on we donate 10% of all proceeds funds educations initiatives National and International around the globe. It is our aim that derives us to provide quality services to our clients.

Our vision is not for people to survive but to thrive. Where people find dignity and self- esteem, confidence and security, where through their own work people are able to provide more than just food, but a home and future for their children. Every product you purchase makes a difference.

Kina Products is a gift items and accessories manufacturing company. From different PARTS OF THE WORLD. We believe poverty is one of the main problems that fuels human trafficking in the world today. To combat this problem, we employ women who are marginalized and those escaping exploitative situations. Our goal is to not only produce stylish and quality products for you to enjoy, but also to change the lives of the women who make these products by providing a work environment that is Christ-centered and family-oriented.


When you purchase a Kina products you are changing lives, creating employment, supplying education and much more. Give Kina to a friend, to family or someone you just met and share your WHY.


We believe there is no point in doing something unless you do it well. We take pride in the timelessness and quality of our products. We know that you will love them too and hope you come back for more.


We aim to have our customers engage not just with their wallets but with their hearts. The same is true with our team. We do not work for the money but rather for the joy that is brought on by our passion. We strive to work with more and more suppliers who do not just seek profit but who see business as a mechanism for changing the world.